An explanation of the Cantus Modalis logo



In a paraphrase of Hafiz, the medieval Sufi poet: our main joy on earth is to know what it feels like to be the hole in God's flute through which His breath can flow without our interference – wherever, whenever and whatever.

  • The golden center of the logo symbolizes (in the words of the religious scholar Karen Armstrong) 'the transcendent ineffable reality which many call God': pure and uncorruptible.
  • The green margins symbolize our earth: life, growth, health.
  • The mottled cream within the green symbolizes the human reflection of this purity (as in 'to see through a glass darkly').
  • The golden vases outside the green  are inspired by the acoustical pots built into many medieval churches to amplify the high overtones of the chant, and in so doing to strengthen the relationship between Man, God and Eternity.
  • The cross, the divina quaternitas, symbolizes infinite love and sacrifice.
  • The circles, conjoining and concentric, symbolize our end which is our beginning, as 'we joyously spin and surrender to God's luminous breath in and around us' (Hafiz).
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