Modus Days


In general the Modus Days* are an extension of similarly called days whose function was to explore in practice the largest living (mono)theistic chant traditions, be they Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Jewish, in order to better understand their basic shared modal principles. The greater our experience with these 'living' principles, principles long abandoned in the course of hundreds of years of tonal influence on Western thinking and hearing, the easier is it to recognize their importance to the very existence of our earliest Western chants and therefore to our singing of it.

Participation in Modus Days is limited to 15 people.

* The 'Modusdagen', as they came to be called in Dutch, were an initiative of Lida Dekkers, Wieland Eggermont and Rebecca Stewart. Although Lida Dekkers is no longer with us (†2 Sept 2008), their importance to any real understanding of modal processes, whatever the genre or period, more than warrants their seminal place in the activities of Cantus Modalis. The subject of the first Modus Day, In the Stillness of the Overtone, serves as a perfect introduction to the entire field of modal thinking.

Further Modus Days are being planned, beginning with two Dhrupad Days (one for men and one for women) taught by Marianne Svasek, performer and teacher of Dhrupad (the oldest surviving classical 'chant' tradition in North India) at the Rotterdam Conservatorium.

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