Project Weeks


- The level of instruction is designed for (semi)professionals.

- Instrumentalists are encouraged to attend. The rule is: first sing, then play. Some Project Weeks employ more instruments than others.

- All practical study and performance are from facsimiles of the appropriate sources. Modern editions are used only for analytical and comparative purposes.

- Four of the five Project Weeks for the year 2008–9 concern themselves with the stylistic and linguistic developments in Italian music between the earliest notated Ambrosian chant sources (11th and 12th centuries) and polyphony at the end of the 15th century, be it in the form of the indigenous Lauda or the hybrid Franco/Flemish/Italian variety. The fifth week is devoted to the study of Byzantine Chant, a closely related non-Western tradition.

- With the exception of the two chant weeks (Ambrosian and Byzantine, which culminate with Friday afternoon concerts in the synagogue at 3 p.m.) each Project Week ends with two concerts, one in the synagogue (on Thursday at 3 p.m.) and one on Friday evening in a suitable church. Black concert clothes are required for both concerts.

- After registration all participants will receive the music and background material for the Project Week in question. It is expected that this music be well studied so that the week itself may be devoted to the honing of the modal, stylistic, linguistic and ensemble skills which the music demands.

- Normally some specifically Italian vocal/linguistic/technical instruction is given as an integral part of the music instruction. However extra lessons may be given before or after the ensemble instruction, if required. Whenever relevant, practical theoretical lessons are also given. These may also include sessions on melodic and harmonic improvisation such as typically Italian types of ornamentation and cantare super librum.

- For Project Weeks the number of participants is limited by the subject; in practice this comes to between 10 and 16 people.

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