Cantus Modalis workshop ‘Josquin des Prez: Missa Mater patris’ 11-14 februari 2016

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Last Date 11 02 2016 00:00
Place Sint Antonius kerk te Utrecht
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Cantus Modalis workshop ‘Josquin des Prez: Missa Mater patris’


instructors: Dr.  Rebecca Stewart and Bram Verheijen

Date: November 11-14 February 2016  

Hours of instruction:

11-13 februari: 10.00-18.00

14 februari: 11.30-17.00



-          14 februari 14.30 Sint Antonius church Utrecht

-          14 februari 17.30 Priorij Emmaus te Maarssen



(Semi-) professional singers and conservatorium students with a modal singing background


Registration deadline: Monday, January 4, 2016 (see email address below)

The music and necessary information will be sent digitally by Monday January 11.

All participants are required to come completely prepared. This is not a course on notation!


Location of workshop and concert:

Sint Antonius Church

Kanaalstraat 200, 3531 CR Utrecht


Entrance fee: 150 euros (inclusive tea, coffee and music!)



The Center Cantus Modalis uses the underlying principles of the living oral high-art modal traditions of the non-Western world as its primary point of entrance into the 'extinct' written high-art modal traditions of the Western world. Students gain experience in the interpretation of medieval and early Renaissance music through the use of the original notation and the relevant modal singing techniques. This combination brings musicians into contact with many aspects of music that are absent in the later, more tonal approaches which are now considered to be normal. The project weeks of CM – which also include instrumentalists – always  finish with concerts. Until now CMhas centers in the Netherlands, Germany and the Czech Republic.  In addition the Ensemble Cantus Modalis gives concerts. It produced its first CD in 2007. It’s title is "Missa Fontes et omnia" and it includes all the known works by the Dutch composer Christiaan van der Ameijden. Its second CD came out in 2012 and is devoted to Heinrich Isaac’s 6-voice Missa Paschalis ‘ad organum’, with organ versets of Hans Buchner.


Rebecca Stewart is an (ethno)musicologist and singer, retired head of the early vocal department of the Brabants/Fontys Conservatorium and co-founder/ex ‘maestro di cappella’ of the Cappella Pratensis. She received her PhD in ethnomusicology in 1974 after having worked for many years in Hindusthani classical music. Since moving to The Netherlands in that same year she has concentrated mostly on early western music. After having taught for seventeen years in the Royal Conservatory of The Hague (as co-founder of the Baroque singing department and as a teacher of theory), she was invited to begin a new early music department in Brabant in which singers (and later instrumentalists) received a ‘modally’-oriented practical and theoretical education which extended from the earliest chant traditions of Western Europe to the end of the Renaissance. She has published several articles concerning the relationship between modal singing and modal music. Primarily in her function as leader of the CP she has made many CDs. After her retirement she formed – and is leader of – the Ensemble and Center Cantus Modalis. She continues to give concerts, workshops and lecture demonstrations.


Bram Verheijen obtained his bachelor's degree and his master's degree ( 2006) in Early vocal music with Dr. Rebecca Stewart at the Fontys Academy of Arts in Tilburg. After graduating, he also taught singing technique in this Academy. He has specialized in medieval chant traditions such as Gregorian and Ambrosian, and in the polyphonic traditions that emerged from it. As a singer he has sung at many international festivals and he still performs regularly with professional ensembles such as Cantus Modalis and Fála Musica (directed by Maurice van Lieshout). Bram Verheijen leads several vocal ensembles and teaches workshops in voice training combined with monastic spirituality. He also works as a coordinator in the Benedictine Adelbert Abbey in Egmond-Binnen.

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