Theodor Dumitrescu


Theodor Dumitrescu is assistant professor of musicology at Utrecht University, where he directs the CMME Project for online publication of early music editions. He holds a B.A. in Computer Science from Princeton University and a D.Phil. in Musicology from the University of Oxford (2004). His research and publications center on history, analysis, and theory of European music c. 1500, as well as editorial technique and issues in digital publication. He is the author of The Early Tudor Court and International Musical Relations (Ashgate, 2007). Recent and forthcoming editorial publications include The York Masses for Early English Church Music (Stainer & Bell, 2010), the collaborative online edition of The Occo Codex for the CMME Project (2008), John Dygon's Proportiones practicabiles secundum Gaffurium (University of Illinois Press, 2006), and Josquin’s canonic Missa Sine nomine for the New Josquin Edition (forthcoming).

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