Without air our body dies.

Without our body our music.

Without our music our soul.

Without our soul our culture.

Without our culture our modality.

Without our modality our universal harmony.


For our earliest ancestors music constituted the most vital part of their spiritual world. Its magical ordering of vibrations formed their strongest link with what they felt to be the harmony within their universe. The function of the music they made, and of the rituals to which it was bound, was simply to reaffirm their indispensable role in the formation – and therefore the integral harmony – of their world. To our ancestors the music they made was as necessary to them as the air they breathed. This fundamental truth is as important to us today as it was to them.

The organization Cantus Modalis ('modal song') is dedicated to strengthening our ties to the kind of music which (re)unifies us with one another and with our universe. The function of this music determines that it be in its very essence modally inspired, meaning that the nature of its movement be circular and therefore unending. Cantus Modalis is devoted to re-introducing our modern society to the still living forms and functions of this music, be they forgotten – as is the case with Europe's earliest traditions – or still alive and worthy of serving as sources for modal inspiration – as is the case with most of Europe's neighbors and forebears.


Cantus Modalis is both a teaching and a performing organization. In the guise of educator the Center Cantus Modalis (CCM) organizes primarily three different types of activities:

As a performing organization the Ensemble Cantus Modalis (ECM) gives professional concerts and the Center Cantus Modalis gives concerts at the end of each Project Week.

Project Week: Notre Dame Organum, Conductus & Gregorian chant

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